June 24th, 2010

I love the Lake District. My Husband Ian and I try and go up there walking whenever possible. It’s a place of relaxation and happy memories. We giggle like children when we relive some of the stories from our Lake District escapdes; it’s also the place we had our first holiday together nearly a decade ago. My last two birthdays have also been spent there – I simply adore it. Although we’ve never lived there, as soon as we pass the sign for Cumbria on the M6, we both feel like we are “coming home”. We instantly feel more relaxed and get giddy about the day ahead of us, the air, the scenery, the people, everything really.

In the car on the way up, I return to Lorna aged 8…..I feel like a child on Christmas morning, bouncing up and down in the passenger seat, clapping my hands together and grinning manicly! Once up in the fells, it’s so peaceful, so serene and nothing else matters; everything pales into insignificance. You’re a tiny dot among the beautiful landscape and the views are simply breathtaking; it feels like another world.

We’ve been up to the Lakes quite a few times recently, the last time being on Sunday just gone. We walked from Ambleside, up to Wansfell and then down into Troutbeck, before returning back to Ambleside. The weather was glorious, the views were stunning and the company, as always, was the best I could ask for and on top of all that it finally felt like we were home….