Thumbs up and thumbs down!!

December 18th, 2010

So on the run up to Christmas I’ve been pretty busy, editing, last minute Christmas shopping, editing, printing stuff, editing, diy-ing, visiting Starbucks, did I mention editing?!

Anyway, what gets the thumbs up and thumbs down from the past week? Thumbs up to:

Putting the Christmas tree up…….

Having presents under the Christmas tree……..

One of our friends got us a singing and dancing Homer a few years ago. At the time, we had a cat, Tibby, and he used to set it off ALL THE TIME. It was quite annoying for us, but not so much for him. He was deaf and just used to sit in front of it and watch it dance. I’m pretty sure if he could hear it, he would have left it well alone! So here’s a big thumbs up to unleashing dancing Homer and bringing back happy memories of my boy Tibby……

Getting early Christmas presents. Ian found out about a magazine subscription that I bought him for Christmas, so in return he told me about the Vogue subscription he had bought me. He also decided to give me the subscription gift early, instead of waiting until Christmas. Mainly because the compliments slip said “We thank you for your order and have pleasure in enclosing your subscription gift, which we hope you will enjoy”. Apparently he didn’t want to enjoy it and he felt “uncomfortable” holding onto it!

Visiting Starbucks at the beginning of the week with Ian for a lovely cup of green tea……

Oh, and the deliciously yummy, scrummy, very fruity, berry, scone at Starbucks aswell…..

Last minute Christmas shopping with my friend Ste…..(and visiting Starbucks AGAIN!!)……

Ian buying a really BIG jar of jalapeno peppers…..YUM!! My favourite……!

Thumbs down to:

  • My car failing its MOT on Monday and costing me money 🙁
  • Queuing in traffic on the way home from the Trafford Centre (or rather the Traffic Centre as we call it)
  • Ian trying to put a shelf up and drilling holes into our stupid walls. Whenever we try to drill into the walls they fall apart. Nothing ever works. The plaster just crumbles and falls away. Every. Single. Time. I think it’s because our house was “Plot 13” when we moved in. I’m dramatic. And superstitious.