The Christmas List…..

December 26th, 2010

I don’t like Christmas shopping. Well, I don’t like any type of shopping really, but’s that’s another story. I also don’t like crowds, escpecially Christmas shopping crowds. Normally by the end of October my Christmas shopping is done. Over. Which means when everyone else is running around like crazy, I sit back and relax. Smugly. However, come Christmas Eve, Ian and I realise we haven’t actually wrapped each others presents, start scrapping over wrapping paper at about 11pm, and then frantically try and find each others Christmas cards that are of course, “in a safe place”.

This year has been different. I started the Christmas shopping in October, but last week I was still running around picking up last minute bits. In the crowds. That I hate. BUT, Christmas presents were wrapped and placed nicely under the tree, cards were written on and exchanged, and the house was very easily cleaned and tidied. Which meant late afternoon Christmas Eve, there was nothing left to do except sit back and relax and wait for the local Cantonese to open!

One of my favourite gifts I got for Ian was a caricature of us both. For the past decade, I’ve been asking Ian for a list of things he wants EVERY Christmas. I never get one, and I have to use my imagination to come up with something unique. This year was no different. I asked for a list, but didn’t get one, so I commisioned one of  my oldest friend’s, Andrew Dunn, to do me a caricature. He didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t wait to see the mockery he would make out of us, but Andy preferred to call it a “celebration of features” – and apparently there was a lot to celebrate!

Oh, and about two weeks before Christmas, and after a decade of waiting,…..Ian finally gave me a Christmas list. So since yesterday, we have been trashing the house with a remote control helicopter. Nothing is safe. Never mind. At least he got something off his list!