…..shiny red apples, another damn bridge and Kim Boekbinder

January 30th, 2011

….but not necessarily in that order! I was first introduced to Kim Boekbinder on Christmas morning; not ACTUALLY introduced to her, but rather her music. Ian is a genius at finding me new music. I tend to “stick to what I know”, (and then moan when I’m bored with it!), whereas Ian seeks out new music. If he hears something on the radio that he likes, he won’t rest until he’s found out who it is, how they started, how many albums they’ve done and when they’re next touring! I was presented with “The Impossible Girl” on Christmas morning and instantly started following Kim’s blog. Her latest post is all about her fears of where she’s going, what she’s doing, and the fact that she’s constantly striving for the next big thing, and might actually be missing what’s right in front of her by reaching for the next shiny red apple.

So this morning I got to thinking about my plans for this year, my fears, and what 2011 holds for me. Obviously I’ve got personal goals (like getting back into my favourite pair of skinny jeans!), and I’ve also got professional goals as well. But the fear of realising (some of) those goals, is terrifying. I find myself standing on yet another damn bridge waiting to make that jump. Yes, it’s scary, not quite as scary as standing on the original bridge , but scary all the same. Last year was such a turning point for me, enrolling on the bespoke course at Aspire,starting my own photography business and finally “realising” my dreams was a big step. This year is all about progression and pushing myself in ways that’s personal to me. Yet behind the ideas that I have lurks that dreaded “fear”. That fear that creeps in and makes me question myself. Self-doubt. But then I think that if taking that jump last year got me where I am today, then what do I have to lose? Surely it can only get better? ….and the only way I can progress and push myself is to try and cast that fear aside, make the scary decisions and see what happens. If I don’t try – I’ll never know! It’s about using that fear and turning it into something positive……

I’m not quite ready to share my “projects” with the world yet, because although I’m ready to jump off the next bridge, I’m not quite ready to do a swan dive! I’m starting to learn that I need to appreciate where I am at the moment, but reaching for the next shiny red apple also feels pretty good……


  1. Ste says:

    Lets hope that “shiny red apple” is a sweet and tasty one!!
    Nice blog, very enciteful and deep. :) xx

    1. Lorna says:

      Thanks Ste! ….it’s all about pushing myself this year! xx