28 days in images…..

February 26th, 2011

365 days is a loooooooong time! I know a lot of photographers set themselves a 365 day project; challenges really, of taking a ‘photo a day’, to stay inspired and push themselves. I admire that. Much as I would love to set myself that challenge, to find things that inspire me each day, I know that I couldn’t commit to that length of time. So instead, I’ve decided to set myself a personal project of taking an image a day for a month. For the next 28 days I will post an image each day; hopefully to make me see the new in the familiar and also to share a bit more about myself. Who knows, when the time is up I might even keep it up for another month, but I’m not making any promises…….

Now I could start in a few days’ time. New month. New project. But that would make sense and where would be the fun in that?!

So here is today’s photo. I love signs and letters…..and what better place to start than with this. It’s also ‘date night’. So this is ideal. Work, college and other everyday occurrences have been getting in the way of Ian and I spending time together just lately, so tonight we’re heading out for a Cantonese. I wanted him to arrange everything. Like a date. So he did. He phoned and booked a table and then asked me if I’d like to go out to dinner. Even though I asked him to do it – I think it’s quite romantic. It’s just the way we roll……