28 days in images…..7 days in…..

March 4th, 2011

Last week I started my own mini project of “28 days in images” …..Everyday I’ve posted an image to my Facebook photography page and 7 days in, here are the images so far.

Day 1: I love signs and letters…..and what better place to start than with this. It’s also ‘date night’. So this is ideal. Work, college and other everyday occurrences have been getting in the way of Ian and I spending time together just lately, so tonight we’re heading out for a Cantonese. I wanted him to arrange everything. Like a date. So he did. He phoned and booked a table and then asked me if I’d like to go out to dinner. Even though I asked him to do it – I think it’s quite romantic. It’s just the way we roll……

Day 2: I’m a nightmare when I get given flowers. I wait until every single one of them has died before I throw them away. Every time. These are the roses that Ian bought me for Valentine’s Day….today is the day I finally throw them away.

Day 3: I looked out of the window this morning and realised that some of the plants in the garden are starting to flower. I love this time of year when the garden starts to come alive. We’ve normally been out and cleared everything away by now; moved all the dead leaves and cut everything back. Unfortunately we’re a bit behind this year and only half of the garden has been done! I really need to put some time aside….

Day 4: I woke up this morning wondering what I was going to do for todays image. I suppose this is the point where I need to start looking around and looking at things differently; thinking outside of the box. Then I thought back to a photography day with Tamara Peel last May; she basically gave the group the word “lines”. We had 10 minutes to take 10 photos of things related to lines. I started eyeing up Ian’s wheels when we came out of the gym this morning and decided this would be day 4…..

Day 5: A very late photo of the day. This is my lovely friend Chrissy. We’ve both been out this evening to the Manchester “Tweetup” organised by Katy Lunsford Photography. On the way out of the bar there was an amazing chair that I made her sit on for todays photo. Knowing how much she hates having her photo taken, I appreciate this very much! Thank you Chrissy! x

Day 6: I love the smell of a new magazine….every month when my favourite magazines drop through the letter box, I take in the smell of the pages before looking through them for inspiring images. Yesterday Harpers Bazaar came crashing through the letter box and any day now Vogue should do the same…..this makes me happy!

Day 7: I was looking through some stuff earlier on when I found this. I bought it for a friend a while back, but then ended up keeping it. I kept it to remind me that when I’m finding things difficult I need to keep going, because it’s all worthwhile. When I’m out of my comfort zone it’s scary….and sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s good scary.