10 minutes, 10 images…..

March 11th, 2011

I’ve been trying to get organised lately and tidy things up a little bit. Yesterday while I was going through some old images, trying to figure what could be deleted and what could be kept, I found these photo’s.

Last year when I started at Aspire,one of our first photography day’s was with Tamara Peel. Tamara has so much energy, she lives, breathes and sleeps photography! She makes you look at everything with “new eyes”, so to speak. She gave the group the subject of “lines” and then sent us off around the mill yard to take some photographs. I think we had 10 minutes to take 10 photographs, and we weren’t allowed to look at the screen on the back of our camera’s to see how they looked either. Boy, she was strict!

I like looking at things like this – it makes me realise that inspiration for images can be found almost anywhere! I realise that I  haven’t posted all of the 10 images, as I just wanted to share my favourites with you!

I’m heading out tomorrow  to check out some locations for an upcoming shoot, and this has given me the inspiration to look for new in the familiar.