28 days in images – 14 days in

March 12th, 2011

I’m quite enjoying my 28 day project so far – here are the images from days 8 – 14:

Day 8: Chrissy Mathew Photography and I got together for a photoshoot today. We both hate having our photo taken, yet both realise we need photo’s, so we decided to head out and do a mini shoot. It was so cold. Afterwards we headed to the Trafford Centre for a Starbucks and to warm up. Chrissy took this of me and all I can think of is just how warm and toasty I was drinking my tea!

Day 9: ….had a brilliant day at Focus on Imaging. I think my favourite purchase of the day is “The Bowler” camera bag by Acme Made. Love it!

Day 10: I did a photoshoot at the weekend with my friend Chrissy Mathew. She had an idea in her head of how she wanted certain things to look and brought many props to the shoot. I however, found it difficult enough being in front of the camera, never mind thinking of a theme! (I think it’s a photographer thing). This is one of my favourite images of the day….

Day 11: I didn’t get chance to post this up yesterday. This is Henry, one of my parent’s cats. She lived with Ian and I in January 2010 before going to live with my parents and Smudge (or smudgie), their other cat. Most of the time Henry and Smudgie “tolerate” each other. She barged her way into his house and took over areas that belonged to him, but slowly he has managed to reclaim his spaces and show her who is boss! I miss having her around. We used to call her the “Ninja cat”, because she was forever creeping up on us. She was like the twins from the shining. She was also loving, affectionate and very feisty! My kind of cat…..

Day 12: I love this lamp shade. I can’t remember where we bought it from, but as soon as I saw it I had to have it. It’s just a mangled mess of wire and I love it. The texture. The look. Everything…..

Day 13: I always wanted a remote control car – but never got one. A couple of years ago for Christmas Ian bought me the truck from “24″. I was a 24 addict so I was ecstatic! I called it Jack – obviously. My favourite thing to do with it was reverse park it into random gaps around the house! I’d been after a remote control car since I was a kid so on the gift tag it said “To Lorna aged 9″……:0)

Day 14: After re-discovering some images from a photography day with Tamara Peel last year, I felt inspired by lines – again! I love this clock. I think we bought it from Heals, and like the lamp from day 12, as soon as I saw it I had to have it.