28 days in images…….21 days in……..

March 19th, 2011

My 28 day project is nearly over, but with 7 days to go I’ve realised that I’ve quite enjoyed it. So much so, that I might actually keep going…..and in case you’ve missed them, here are the images from the past 7 days.

Day 15: I went out on an adventure today with my good friend and sidekick Ste, looking for shooting locations. We found this door that was covered in moss and I loved how it looked. I think the patterns and the texture look amazing…..

Day 16: I bought some wireless flash triggers a few weeks ago, then last week at Focus I treated myself to a new speedlite. Today I started playing with everything and learning all the different settings on the flash. Later this evening fuelled by inspiration, I decided to scrap the flash for a bit and just play with long exposures on my camera. Using Ian and Ste to help me experiment, we used lights and coloured gels to make patterns and write words. I’m looking forward to experimenting even more now……

Day 17: I love cold frosty mornings, but I don’t like is de-icing the car. Unfortunately, when I woke up this morning and looked out of the window, I realised that my day would start with this very task! When I went outside I noticed the pattern and texture of the frost on the roof of the car, so I quickly headed back inside to grab my camera….

Day 18: I love my car. Even after all this time. My first car was a blue Fiat Cinquecento called Babs, but she was written off when someone drove into the back of me. Apparently he “didn’t see me”. I bought “Yellow” so that in future no-one would have the excuse of not seeing me. Because it’s YELLOW….I smile when I drive her!

Day 19: We have artwork in the living room of Uma Thurman and John Travolta doing the dance scene from Pulp Fiction. I love how they look. As soon as we saw them we had to have them. We both love Pulp Fiction…..

Day 20: I can’t live without my green tea. If I am on the way home from the gym and Ian is at home getting ready to go out, he makes me a brew on his way out. That way it’s just the right temperature for when I get home…..

Day 21: When things are doing my head in and feeling a bit too much Ian always knows the right thing to say. When I came out of the gym this morning there was an envelope on my steering wheel from Ian, both sides were full of writing basically telling me why he knew everything would be okay……