28 days in images…..the last 7 days….

March 27th, 2011

So my 28 day project came to an end yesterday, but as I’ve quite enjoyed it I’m thinking about extending it for another 28 days. I’ll review the situation again then and see if I’m still enjoying it enough to want to continue yet again! Anyway, in case you missed them, here are the last 7 days from “28 days in images”.

Day 22: I headed out with my friend Ste again today for more exploring and adventure. It was a glorious sunny day and the sky was blue. We headed over to Clifton Country Park to scout out possible shooting locations but I think I need to go back again, as each time I go, I discover more possibilities……

Day 23: After scouting for shooting locations on Saturday, I headed into Manchester for lunch and a meander. I saw these hearts on a stall outside Starbucks – I’d been eyeing these up on the internet for quite some time, so saw it as a sign to buy them…..!

Day 24: My new string lights for this weekends shoot. I just hope they create the look that I want them to!

Day 25: I saw this ladybird at the bottom of the garden this afternoon – I really wish I’d had time to get my extension tubes but I wanted to make sure it didn’t fly away. It made me smile, as the sun was shining brightly and it suddenly felt like spring….

Day 26: I can’t believe this hasn’t made an earlier appearance…..I LOVE Starbucks. Spearmint Green tea + Starbucks = Happy Lorna :) A cheeky visit to the Trafford Centre this evening with my good friend Ste, meant chilled out chin waggery and a green tea…..

Day 27: This was actually day 28, the final day of my project, but I realised I had forgotten to take a photo the day before! So this became day 27 instead. I use natural light for the majority of my photos as flash and I have the tendency to fall out. I was messing around with flash on Friday and made Ian just sit while I fired off camera flash at him from every angle possible. I’m seriously thinking of going on another Brett Harkness flash course to hopefully put a stop to my flash frustrations……

Day 28: I had a photoshoot yesterday with a model called Janina, she was lots of fun and amazing to work with. Here is one of my favourite photo’s from the day. I can’t wait to go through the rest of the images and edit them – it’s a photoshoot I’m really proud of.