28 days later – the last 7 days

April 2nd, 2011

Following on from 28 days in images, 28 days later is my next project. In case you missed the the last 7 days of images, here they are in all their glory!!

Day 29: I pass this tree a couple of times a week on the way to Ste’s house and there’s just something about it I love. It’s just that sense of openness. I took a photo of it a few months back in the snow. It just looked beautiful stood all alone.

Day 30: I realise that this doesn’t look particularly appetising – but it was. Everyone who knows me are aware of how shocking my cooking skills are. But occasionally I manage to pull something quite spectacular out of the bag; well, for me anyway! Yesterday as Ian was late getting home it was up to me to make tea, so that he had time to get to college. I made this chili stir-fry and it was edible. Not only was it edible, but actually really yummy! I took a photo as I was so proud. I realise I mustn’t do this too often or Ian will ask me to cook more…..

As edible as this was, Ian thinks it looks like I killed something and then turned it inside out! I think I have to agree with him on that!

Day 31: I collect lots of things to use in photoshoots. I have signs, letters and other various things that I’ll get around to using – one day! This is the latest to the collection. I’ve been after one for aaaaages and then finally gave in to temptation last week and bought one.

Day 32: At the gym they have amazing power showers; they’re the best thing ever after a workout. I never want to get out…..I love the massive shower heads so thought I would take a photo!

Day 33: After a meeting yesterday, I saw a small grassy area across the road that had a few wooden sculptures in. As soon as I saw this eagle it made me giggle, for some reason it reminded me of the rooster from Family Guy that Peter fights…..

Day 34: This is my piggy bank. I didn’t get to own one until I was 30 years old. When I was younger, I collected pigs, but never had a piggy bank. I always wanted one though. A few years ago after a trip to the Lakes, we stopped at Levens Hall on the way home to visit the topiary garden. In the gift shop on the way out there was a piggy bank. It was last one. I saw it as a sign and bought it.

Day 35: Out and about at a garden centre today, there was a pets corner with two parrots on the loose. This one seemed quite happy for me to take his photo, but his mate looked like he was going to attack me any second – so I gave him a wide berth…..!