28 days later – the last 7 days

April 9th, 2011

I’ve really enjoyed capturing images over the past week, especially the last few days. Just in case you missed them, here they are……

Day 36: Definitely not the best sunset I’ve ever captured! I’m not a landscape photographer by any means, but I love watching the sunrise and sunset, and I do my best at trying to capture them when I get the chance. On the way home from my Mums tonight, the sun was setting, but by the time we’d found somewhere to pull over, there wasn’t much left to capture…..

Day 37: I’ve just got home and as I was admiring the fish, I had the bright idea to take a photo of them. They’re a lot faster than I realised and everytime I went near them they went mental! I could watch them for hours swimming around, I find it really relaxing…..

Day 38: My favourite flowers are lilies. Ian came home with some yesterday “just because”…..I can’t wait until they open in a day or two….

Day 39: Whilst out and about at the Trafford Centre tonight, I saw this Dalek in River Island….Daleks don’t bother me – it’s Cybermen that freak me out!

Day 40: I love flowers and when I saw these flowers last weekend they made me smile. I was feeling a bit blue on Thursday so I went and bought some to cheer me up.

Day 41: This is Jack. He’s very loud and energetic. He always insists on bringing a present to anyone he likes. Yesterday he brought Ian and I a piece of cardboard followed by a fruit pastille!

Day 42: Walking along Worsley canal I saw these flowers. The sun was shining and all the flowers looked beautiful. I took many photos that I will probably turn into a blog at some point in the next week.