Wedding photography with Jessica Claire……

April 14th, 2011

Wow. Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a course at Aspire, led by the fantastic wedding photographer Jessica Claire. Jessica is someone I have admired for quite some time. I love her work, and yesterday it was truly inspirational to not only get an insight into how she runs her business, but to see her in action as well.

…..with the royal wedding coming up, there couldn’t have been a better theme!

She made it look so effortless. Not only did I get to see how Jessica interacts with her couples, but she also got everyone on the course involved in what she was doing as well.

Each person got 90 seconds with the couple, and then we had to pose them and create a look of how we thought our wedding photography should look. It was pretty nerve wracking doing that in front of everybody else, but a very worthwhile exercise.  

I don’t normally share this many images on my blog, but I can’t help myself!

Don’t forget all the details!

I loved every second of yesterday, it was so refreshing listening to Jessica talk, she was so open and honest about everything and very direct with her approach to running a business. I found myself hanging onto every word she said and came away from the day very inspired, with many new ideas to think about for my business!