28 days later {days 50 to 56}

April 23rd, 2011

So 28 days is up – again! ……and I’ve decided to carry on with my “photo a day” – again! I want a more interesting name though! Anyway, for now, here are days 50 to 56………

Day 50: The Clematis have finally opened…..they look really pretty!

Day 51: While I was out shooting a wedding on Saturday, Ian was shopping at Ikea buying new office furniture. While he was there he bought 4 strawberry plants…..this gave him serious brownie points. Although, any plant we buy that’s edible, always dies. I’m really hoping the strawberries and the blueberry bush make it. I’ll keep you posted…..

Day 52: I was at my parents this morning and when I walked into the garden to seek out the pussy cats, the lawn was covered in daisies. I was instantly transported back to my childhood, with memories of the hours I would spend in the garden making daisy chains…..

Day 53: I don’t always make a good passenger. It’s not uncommon for me to take an “activity bag” to keep myself occupied on journey’s! Even though I was only a passenger for a short journey tonight, I couldn’t resist messing around with my camera and polarising filter…….

Day 54: This is Smudgie, one of my parents cats, I adore him. When I see him, he gets no peace! I think he always looks grumpy and quite mean. He’s a bit of a bruiser but has the most girly meow ever……

Day 55: I see a pattern forming here – maybe I should have called this project “28 days of flowers”! I love it now all the flowers are in bloom; Ian and I went for a walk earlier on and all the flowers were looking bright and pretty in the afternoon sun. I saw these on the way back home and couldn’t resist taking a photo of them……

Day 56: At Biddulph Grange Garden today there were some very cute little duckies – I could have watched them all day!