Staying local

April 30th, 2011

Last Friday, (Good Friday), Ian and I had the bright idea of treating it like a normal working day. We would catch up on work, be oh so smug, and then enjoy the rest of our weekend. It didn’t really turn out that way though, and in hindsight it was silly to try and treat it like “another working day”.

It’s difficult when you work for yourself, everyday seems to blend into the next and bank holidays become just a continuation of the week. You feel like you should always be doing “something”; a break almost feels like a luxury. Something I feel like I have to “deserve” almost, but after lunch we were both brain dead and I was just sat staring out of the window into the glorious sunshine outside.

Ian and I stumbled upon our current house about 6 1/2 years ago, it was a new housing estate and back then, our house was just a plot! It was exciting to see it getting built from scratch, but we only ever thought about it as a stop gap. Buy it, move in, stay for a couple of years and then move somewhere else. We didn’t particularly “love” the area, but at the time, we just needed a step onto the housing ladder.

As we saw the area this way, we’ve never bothered to get to know it. Yes we know where the local take-aways are, and where Tesco is, but anything else? Nah! So last week we decided to check out the local park. I’d always had my reservations about it, but agreed with Ian that it was about time we checked it out. As it happened, we realised we really weren’t missing anything, the atmosphere wasn’t the friendliest; and we decided we weren’t particularly bothered about sticking around for very long…..!

Having said that, I managed to get some photos of some flowers, which seem to be my favourite things to photograph at the moment.

When I was younger, my Dad used to tell me that fairies lived in the bluebells (thanks Dad!), and when the wind blew we used to listen intently to try and hear them; so to this day,  I have a fondness of them….

From now on though, until we manage to move house, instead of exploring, I think we’ll just stick to the local take-away instead…..