Day by Day {days 64 to 70}

May 8th, 2011

Day 64: I hate feet. All feet. Yet on Sunday night, when I got in from a meal at a lovely Indian restaurant, (which was washed down with equally as lovely draught Cobra), I was obsessed about taking a photo of my feet. I think mainly because the sun was shining and having my feet out felt oddly liberating…..but even as I’m posting this, I’m cringing…..because I hate feet so much!

Day 65: On a trip out to Hare Hill there were numerous things to take photos of….lots of flowers which I loved…but then I saw this scuplture and just knew that I wanted it as todays image….

Day 66: Okay, so my “Day by Day” project doesn’t particularly have any rules – apart from the fact that I’m supposed to take a photo each day. Unfortunately, or rather, fortunately (for me anyway!), I’ve been really busy over the past week and haven’t really had time to take any images. So for the next few images I’m posting up photos taken over the past few weeks. This one is of Paige who I shot a couple of weeks ago. It was such a glorious day & Paige was a dream to photograph…..

Day 67: The tulips were in full bloom at Biddulph Grange Garden a few weeks ago, I was in my element. They all looked so stunning in the amazing sunshine….

Day 68: Tulips – again! There were so many different colours and they all looked so beautiful. Biddulph Grange Garden was soaked in glorious colour…..

Day 69: One of my favourite studio shots from the showcase at Manchester College a few days ago. The level of talent was outstanding…..

Day 70: Another one of my favourite studio shots from the Manchester College Showcase. I normally use natural lighting for my photoshoots, so when I get to play around with something different, I really like it. There’s something about this shot that I really love….