Day by Day {days 71 to 77}

May 16th, 2011

I’m still going strong and my Day by Day project is going well. Here are days 71 to 77:

Day 71: Seeing as most of our diet is made up of veg Ian and I decided to start growing our own. We’ve got a mini green house in the garden and lots of pots of seedlings on the kitchen windowsill…….

Day 72: I attended a wedding course by Pete Bristo at Boddelwyddan Castle today. It was interesting but if I’m honest his style of photography isn’t really for me. Here is a photo of Sophie and Tim as Sophie was strutting her stuff. I love the way it’s so natural that she started to get the giggles…..

Day 73: I’m in the middle of reading Fast Track Photographer by Dane Sanders. It’s a very interesting inspiring read and it’s making me re-think a lot of things at the moment…..

Day 74: Our strawberry plants are doing pretty well. We had two today that were ready to take off and eat. I couldn’t believe how yummy they were! It’s a shame I’ll be eating them in ones and twos…..please grow faster strawberries!

Day 75: At the end of the day I realised I hadn’t taken my daily photo – as I looked around the room to see what was about, the reflection of the lampshade in the mirror was the first thing that caught my eye.

Day 76: As I looked around the room and noticed my reflection in my sunglasses. I thought it was quite cool!

Day 77: Whenever I walk past Hollister in the Trafford Centre, I always stop and admire the chandelier in the entrance. Today I actually bothered to stop and take a photo. I really want this in my house…..!