Travels {Nelson Lakes}

May 19th, 2011

I was totally in love with New Zealand. The landscape was breathtaking. As we drove from Lake Tekapo up to Nelson Lakes National Park I was totally in awe of the open countryside. Off in the distance we could see snow capped mountains, yet all around us we were surrounded by luscious green fields.

We drove for hours on the open road barely passing another vehicle and it was on this journey that we experienced the rain in New Zealand for the first time. It was bouncing nearly as high as the car and it was so heavy the windscreen wipers wouldn’t go fast enough; we slowed down to a crawl as we tried to see through the window. It was looking doubtful that we would get to explore Nelson Lakes if the weather continued.

We arrived late afternoon and headed indoors, hoping that the weather would clear up by the following day; luckily it did, and the next day we headed out ready to walk Mount Robert Circuit. Being an alpine location the scenery was amazing but along with the views came the extreme weather; we experienced sun, rain, gale force winds and hail stone. When we reached the top of the circuit the wind was violently strong and we had no cover, we held onto each other as each step forward took every ounce of strength that we had. To top it all off it started raining as well and we had to take it in turns to find our waterproofs in the bags and then try to put them on. After about 15 minutes we reached a hut and were able to take shelter until the weather died down.

As we headed back down the other side of the circuit, the clouds cleared and bright blue skies emerged and the sun began to shine. The wind wasn’t as kind though, and although it eased off slightly, it stayed with us for the rest of the walk. We stood and admired the view on the way back to the car and breathed in our surroundings. This was the last part of our trip on the South Island, as the next day we were flying to the North Island of New Zealand and into Wellington.

Wellington was an important part of the trip for me, as I would get to see one of my oldest friends, who I hadn’t seen for about 6 years.