Day by Day {days 78 to 84}

May 22nd, 2011

The last 7 days in images:

Day 78: Todays “summer themed” shoot was cancelled. The weather was awful and we were also a model down, so along with model Janina Maibaum and MUA Catherine Hughes of Ivy Clara Make-up, we decided to turn Janina’s living room into a studio. It would have been a shame to waste the day.

Day 79: I have all sorts of random things sitting on my desk, surrounding me as I work. One of my favourites is this slightly scruffy looking Kooky cat.

Day 80: I did a photoshoot for Manchester Bridal Boutique today. Michelle Sisson did hair and make-up and model Emily Haynes looked absolutely stunning. This is one of my favourite images from the day and I’m totally in love with that amazing hair piece!

Day 81: This is Angus having his head scratched and loving every second of it. Actually, we don’t know if his name is Angus – we don’t even know if it’s a boy! I gave him the nickname and it stuck. He lives near my friend Ste and he loves getting fussed. We’re not sure who he belongs to, but he certainly seems to be well fed. Whenever I see him, I want to bundle him into my car and bring him home with me. He’s adorable…..

Day 82: This is obviously Mr Bump. When I was little I loved Mr Bump and even had a sign for my door that said “Where things go bump in the night”. I still have it. My friend Ste bought me the little Mr Bump for Christmas, I attached him to my camera bag and unfortunately he lost his legs in an accident! A few weeks ago Ste replaced it with a more ample sized Mr Bump, that now lives on my desk…..

Day 83: I love graffiti. Whilst wondering around the Northern Quarter of Manchester today, looking for a key accessory for tomorrows photo shoot, I stumbled upon this. I’m pretty sure last time I was around this area, this wall had something different on it, but I can’t remember what…..

Day 84: I’d been wanting to do a 1950’s style bridal shoot for a while; I’d seen the dress and I knew I wanted it to be in Blackpool. I told friend & fellow photographer Chrissy Mathew about it and asked if she would be interested in doing it, as we’d discussed teaming up on a project for a while. I then got Catherine Hughes of Ivy Clara Make-up on board and Chrissy asked model Florence Rose king to be involved. This is one of my favourite shots from yesterday. Flo was a dream to photograph…..