Day by Day {days 85 to 91}

May 29th, 2011

The last 7 days in images:

Day 85: On Thursday night I had the realisation that I was missing the petticoat for Saturdays shoot. On Friday morning I had to make a mad dash into Manchester. Pop Boutique came to my rescue.

Day 86: Crazy view from my window Monday night.

Day 87: Seeing as I spent all today sat at my computer editing houses for a commercial shoot – it seemed appropriate that this should be todays image.

Day 88: Our selection of veg and fruit is growing day by day. We now have a miniature green house in the garden and many strawberry plants. Ian bought another 7 a few days ago…..

Day 89: I love how the rain on the outside of the bathroom window looks, along with the steam on the inside of the window. I just think the different textures look pretty cool.

Day 90: Tea at Nandos….Mmmm! I LOVE Nandos. We got a really good table, at the back in a corner, totally out of the way. The row of pots behind us caught my eye…..

Day 91: An early birthday present off Ian. I saw it last night at the Trafford Centre and decided I had to have it! Seeing as he hadn’t bought me any little random presents yet, he bought me this. On the way home in the car, I started learning “3 blind mice”. I had the realisation that I was sat playing a harmonica and burst into fits of laughter. I can’t actually believe I’m admitting this…..