Day by Day {days 92 to 98}

June 4th, 2011

…the past 7 days in images!

Day 92: The sage plant at the front of the house is doing really well this year. It’s normally “covered in bees”….how very Eddie Izzard!

Day 93: A little bit of a cheat today – two photos, only because I think it’s so cute. We headed up to the Lakes today for my birthday and Sizergh Castle was the first port of call. Outside the gift shop was a range of garden accessories…..this birdhouse that used to be for sale has turned into a home for these lovely birdies. I had to wait patiently, but it paid off and I managed to get some photos of this little birdy shouting for food….

Day 94: The garden is in full bloom and looking stunning. I could spend hours out there taking photos…..

Day 95: I own one pair of heels that occasionally make an appearance. Heading out to Epernay Champagne bar for the Manchester Tweetup, I felt this was one occasion they deserved to be worn. I think my feet and ankles have only just forgiven me.

Day 96: My friend Jac’s popped round to wish me a happy belated birthday. The flowers she brought are gorgeous! Thank you! …and they include gerberas which I adore!

Day 97: Realising I hadn’t taken todays photo, Ian pointed out the sky at the back of the house…..I quickly grabbed my camera and took this. I really need to head out and try and get a decent sunset at some point….

Day 98: We’ve got fruit and veg plants taking over the kitchen and the garden. This is the courgette plant at the moment. It seems to be growing at a crazy speed…..