Lost in my own little world…..

June 23rd, 2011

There is nothing I like better than grabbing my camera and heading out into the sunshine. The weather has been pretty grim just lately, but as the sun finally appeared this afternoon, I started thinking about places I’ve visited over the past couple of months.

I love getting lost in my own little world, where I wander around with my camera and zone everything else out. Nothing else matters…..

When I’m on my own, that’s good, but when I’m with other people, I get conscious of the fact that they are just stood around waiting for me, not quite seeing what I see…..

At the end of April Ian and I headed out into the sun to Biddulph Grange Garden, closely followed by a trip in the afternoon to Little Moreton Hall.

When I’m lost in my own little world, my favourite things to photograph are flowers; luckily for me, the tulips were in full bloom and they looked so vibrant shining in the sun……

Ian is currently studying to be a sound engineer, so as I was off in my world of flowers, Ian was off in his world of sound recording.

When Ian and I went to Australia, we saw a guy in Sydney taking photographs and his girlfriend/wife was stood looking bored. Really. Bored. I stopped for a second, turned to Ian and asked if that’s what it is like for him…..he nodded.
Now he has his own ‘world’ of sound recording, I don’t feel quite so guilty……