Day by Day {days 106 to 112}

June 19th, 2011

Day 106: My arm swelled up on Sunday afternoon and was soooooo painful. No idea what it was at the time – I just knew it hurt!

Day 107: Day 2 of “Oh my god, my arm is going to fall off” (very dramatic). After an emergency trip to the doctors I was told I had olecranon bursitis. I’ve been given anitbiotics and super strength anti-inflammatories. I’ve spent a couple of weeks catching up on a lot of editing, and apparently it’s been caused by leaning my elbow on the desk……repeated trauma! How pathetic! Why couldn’t I have injured it doing something fantastic instead?! It’s a common injury apparently…

Day 108: I’ve been editing up some images today that I’m really proud of. I can’t wait to share them all over the coming weeks. Although this wasn’t taken today, I really wanted to share it. Make-up by Catherine Hughes of Ivy Clara. Model: Alex Outhwaite

Day 109: I love Cath Kidston. Wandering around Selfridges last night I discovered this house, and a gypsy caravan. I wish I had the time and patience to learn how to make something like this.

Day 110: I’m getting quite bad some days at forgetting to take a photo. I forgot Thursday so I’ve taken two today to make up for it. Ian is working on a horror film for his college project, so he needs to record all the different sound effects for it. Someone in the film gets their head caved in, and apparently if you hit a savoy cabbage with the corner of a brick, it sounds like someones head being bashed in. Nice. I sometimes wish I had to think up random things for sound effects….so much fun!

Day 111: Friday night I realised I hadn’t taken a photo….I looked around and my Paul Frank purse just caught my eye. I love it. I bought it in San Francisco when Ian and I were on our honeymoon about 3 1/2 years ago. It’s totally trashed inside and falling apart, but I can’t bring myself to replace it with anything else….

Day 112: Me and my friend Ste’s reflection in a kettle. I’d done a photo shoot for Ste’s brother and his family earlier on the day, so when we got back to Ste’s for a brew, I saw my reflection and decided to take a photo. Not quite sure what he’s doing – maybe some kind of karate chop at me!