Inside on a rainy day

June 21st, 2011

I love working with natural light and being outside on location, but sometimes it’s good to experiment and do something different. So last month when a summer shoot I was part of got cancelled due to the ‘not so summery’ weather; myself, model Janina Maibaum and make-up artist Catherine Hughes decided we should do just that…….head inside and do something different!

Janina wanted to create a look using brightly coloured clothes & make-up against a white background.

So, we all piled into Janina’s flat, cleared everything out of the way, and set up a studio!

From inside, we watched as the rain poured down ALL DAY! It might not have been the original shoot we had planned, but at least we didn’t waste the day…….

I love collaborating with different people….and this was a shoot that I really enjoyed. I’d worked with Janina before and I’ve worked with Catherine a couple of times since. I have no doubt that I will get to work with them both together again at some point in the future…..