Foo Fighters Weekend…..

July 7th, 2011

I LOVE Foo Fighters, they’re my favourite band and last weekend they were playing at Milton Keynes Bowl. As soon as the date for the gig had been confirmed, we booked accommodation and even though the tickets hadn’t even been released yet, one way or another, we were going!

…Ian and Ste enjoying a riveting journey; Friday nights cold lager and lovely sunset sky:

The weekend didn’t start brilliantly, poor yellow (my little pap, pap), had been in the garage as she had been poorly sick; but we picked her up on Friday lunchtime believing she was in full health and started our journey. Unfortunately part way down the M6, 6th gear refused to work and by the time we pulled up at the hotel in Milton Keynes, we discovered reverse wasn’t working either!

…we pulled forwards into a parking space on a hill, so that when Sunday arrived we could just ‘roll’ backwards out of it!

As you will see, EVERY photo is taken on a camera phone <hangs head in shame>..….just before we left for the gig, we discovered we’d forgotten the battery for the camera….I can’t begin to describe how gutted I was!

The gig was a sell-out, and anyone who’s been to the bowl will know just how rammed it gets! But being the true Foo Fighters fans that we are, we headed down into the crowd and got into the thick of it!

…..there’s an on-going ‘discussion’ in the Roberts household regarding the exact number of times we’ve seen the Foo’s…..I’m convinced it was the 5th time and Ian is convinced it was the 4th. Needless to say, we’ve seen them more than once!

I’m trying to convince Ian that we need to go to LA to see them later in the year; somehow I don’t think it will happen……

Me and Ian……

Me and Ste…..

….they were joined on stage by Roger Taylor of Queen and then Alice Cooper – AMAZING!!!

….at the end of the night we waited until the crowds had died down before leaving:

……the next day, after rolling yellow out of the car park, it would have been rude not to stop for Starbucks fruit toast and green tea on the way home; we just had to make sure we didn’t have to reverse anywhere!