Manchester Bridal Boutique…..

July 8th, 2011

It was raining, the sky was grey, and Manchester was looking miserable. Luckily enough Sheryl, of Manchester Bridal Boutique, lived in a converted church.

Sheryl is a wedding dress designer and back in May, along with Michelle Sisson and model Emily Haynes, we did a shoot. The idea was to head out across the road to Alexandra Park and do the shoot there, but unfortunately the rain put a stop to that… least in the morning.

However, as early afternoon approached and we were all fed and happy on Subway sandwiches, the weather cleared up. Well, it cleared up enough to give us about half an hour to head outside…..unfortunately it then started raining again and we had to call it a day.

Emily looked stunning……

Sheryls dresses really suited her…..

I just want to end by thanking everyone for such a fab shoot. I hope you like the images……. 🙂