Day by Day {days 120 to 133}

July 10th, 2011

Yikes! I’ve been so busy this past couple of weeks I’ve not had chance to post any of my ‘Day by Day’ photos…..anyway here is a mammoth post of the last 14 days in images……Enjoy!

Day 120: I’m pretty sure I’ve already explained how bad I am at looking after flowers. Days after they should have been thrown out, they’re still sat looking very sorry for themselves. I’m sad to say that last week’s sunflower is the latest victim…..bye bye sunflower.

Day 121: Oh dear….another victim. Poor daisy gerbera plant. It’s a good job Ian is in charge of the green house and all the fruit and veg plants….

Day 122: I’m learning so much about sound effects from Ian….I’ve been helping out with foley and ADR over the past few months and it’s been really fun. Today I walked into the kitchen to find various remains of fruit and veg all over the worktop, and to find Ian biting through the skin of a banana and then spitting it into a bowl…..the things you have to do to make it sound like you’re eating someone’s flesh and then spitting it out…..

Day 123: This is one of my favourite photos from last week with Pearl Bridal….It was such a fab day! Hair and make-up by Michelle Sisson.

Day 124: ….another photo from yesterdays shoot. Alex Outhwaite is just stunning! Hair and Make-up by Michelle Sisson.

Day 125: Amazing sunset while we were in Milton Keynes – as soon as we saw this sky, we knew the weather for the Foo Fighters gig the next day would be good!

Day 126: Group shot from the Foo Fighters on Saturday….AMAZING gig!

Day 127: On the way home from Milton Keynes, we stopped at Starbucks for green tea and fruit toast…..!

Day 128: Up in Arnside for a final shoot before we all finished Bespoke at Aspire. I was lucky enough to photo Sara Winn and Joe Mather, they were both fab to work with. I hope you like the sneak peek guys!

Day 129: Tuesday nights tea at the Kings Arms in Burton-in-Kendal was followed by sticky toffee pudding. Yummy, yummy in my tummy…..!

Day 130: This cat in John Lewis’s caught my eye….I love cats so it had to be todays photo…

Day 131: The fruit and veg are doing really well…the first of our peppers are starting to grow. I think it’s a bit wrong at how giddy I’m getting….

Day 132: This is the first of our chilli plants starting to grow. I love going out into the garden each day and looking at how each plant is getting on….

Day 133: Wandering around Dunham Massey with my camera, I saw this fungus (fungi??), growing on a tree. I think it looked like a skull from every angle….