Day by Day {Days 134 to 140}

July 18th, 2011

Day 134: My favourite plant in the garden is this ‘Lucifer’ plant….or to give it’s full name: Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ montbretia. I’ll take a full photo of the actual flowers in a day or two, as I think they’re looking particularly stunning at the moment….

Day 135: Realising I had forgotten about my photo (again), I glanced out of the window to see the sun setting. I really must get out at some point to try and get a decent sunset…..

Day 136: Ian discovered that the first of our tomatoes have started to grow….

Day 137: Flowers……

Day 138: New toy. My favourite lens is my 50mm 1.8. I shoot virtually everything on it these days, so I treated myself to the 1.4. Unfortunately I’ve been so busy editing, I’ve not had time to play with it properly yet 🙁

Day 139: So apparently I’ve decided to take the Alex Beadon Photography challenge of taking one self portrait a day for 30 days! I’m so uncomfortable in front of the camera and I think this first self portrait proves it. I can’t even keep my eyes open and look at the camera….I’m hoping it gets easier….I’ve decided to incorporate it into my “Day by Day” project and I just hope I can do this for 30 days!

Day 140: I forgot to take one yesterday, so I took two today…..Today I thought I’d go for the silly option, if I feel uncomfortable in front of the camera I may as well just get on with it! I was wondering what I should do and decided I would do the daft craze that is “planking”…..As I was doing this, Ian was upstairs sorting out sound effects of ducks and cow. I laughed out loud at how random this all was….me planking and Ian having farmyard noises on repeat….