Travels {Melbourne – our final destination}

August 8th, 2011

So after saying goodbye to Karen and leaving Adelaide, we caught an early flight to Melbourne, our final destination. Melbourne is well known for its shopping, so the last two days of our trip were spent meandering around the city picking up any last bits we felt we were missing, and also enjoying good food.

For a city, Melbourne actually felt quite nice and for someone who hates shopping, I found it rather pleasant and not too stressful!

Exploring the city a little further we discovered Union Lane, which is basically an area with a street art permit. It started as a graffiti mentoring project and is covered in a mass of work which looks amazing; although a lot of it has been ruined by ‘tags’.

Ian and I love stuff like this, so we spent ages here….

I think it’s such a good idea and the lane felt so full of character….

Back at the hotel where we were staying, we had a fantastic view of the city……

Although I had managed to book our hotel not far from the prison, and we didn’t realise until we looked out of the window!

We also managed to catch an amazing sunset…..

So Melbourne was our final destination. We’d had a fab time on our trip but now had to face the prospect of the two day journey home!

Next week: Australia and New Zealand round up!