Day by Day {days 155 to 161}

August 6th, 2011

Day 155: I have an oversized lampshade in my office that I love. It’s completely in the way of the middle of the room, but I don’t care…..!

Day 156: Our chilli plants are doing fab! We have so many growing now….I think my food is going to be laced with chilli forever, but I don’t mind!

Day 157: The clouds looked really cool the other night as I looked out of my window. I really liked the vibrancy of the sky as the sun was setting.

Day 158: I have a whiteboard on my wall, and every week I write on it what I need to do. Most of the time it goes to plan and it keeps me (semi) organised; I cross everything off as I go along and I know without it I would probably get nothing done at all!

Day 159: I’m a natural light photographer. That doesn’t mean I can’t use flash, it just means I prefer to use natural light where possible. I do however, have a ‘love hate’ relationship with flash. I use this polystyrene head to practice on and brush up on my skills…..

Day 160: Wow! 160 days of a ‘photo a day’…..I’m amazed I’m still going actually! I was out in the garden as Ian was watering all the plants, and the spotlights had just come on. I loved how they shone through all the leaves….

Day 161: Thanks to Ian, all our fruit and veg are growing strong. There’s something really satisfying about seeing our food growing. I think in our next house we will design and prepare the garden differently to accommodate all the fruit and veg that we are now growing….