Day by Day {days 162 to 168}

August 14th, 2011

Day by Day: the last 7 days of images…..

Day 162: A rare moment of trying to relax in front of the TV. Most days, when I’m not shooting, I’m doing something photography related, either at my desk or out and about. Just lately though, Ian and I have been making more of a conscious effort to get some ‘down time’ before bed. I couldn’t even tell you what we were watching. Something mind numbing that we didn’t need to concentrate on. I have trouble switching off, so I probably still had all things photography flying around my head.

Day 163: Realising I had missed a day with my photo, I started looking around my office at some of the random things I have. This is Scarlet….a Bad Taste Bear. She’s fab!

Day 164: Taken along with Scarlet the Bad Taste Bear, when I realised it was getting late and I needed to catch up with my Day by Day project. I love Bagpuss. Yes, I’m 33 and I still adore the saggy old cloth cat. I have numerous Bagpuss items, including this cuddly one that used to stick to one of the windows in my old car. When it was written off after a car accident, Bagpuss was one of the items I managed to save.

Day 165: On the way up to bed I noticed the screensaver on Ian’s monitor. How I long to be somewhere hot and sunny….

Day 166: A few weeks ago I went a bit mental and had a massive tidy up and clear out of my office. While I was at it I thought I may as well label everything so I know exactly what I have and where. Being in complete Monica mode made me very happy….!

Day 167: I had a meeting with a fashion designer in Manchester this afternoon. So I obviously had to make an effort and have my converse trainers surgically removed. This is a rare occasion for me to be wearing ‘girly’ shoes, so I thought it needed documenting.

Day 168: I’ve been shooting stills for a pilot TV series in Bradford. The house we were shooting in was full of memorabilia from film and TV; I loved this life size model of Lara Croft.