Autumn Reflections……

September 23rd, 2011

It’s always about this time of year when I start reflecting on the year so far. For a lot of people, that time of reflection and re-evaluation normally takes place a little later in the year, closer to the New Year maybe. But for some reason, as September starts drawing to a close I start looking back at what I’ve achieved in the year so far.

Although I feel I’ve made some good progress in some areas of my business, I know there are other areas that maybe I have neglected a little. Having said that, at least I’ve recognised the area’s that need attention, which means I can now put plans into place to get back on track.

I missed out on the bridal fayres at the beginning of the year, as I had no idea how quickly they would fill up, but luckily I’ve managed to get into a couple of the autumn one’s. So this Sunday, 25th Sept, I’m exhibiting at my first bridal fayre. It’s been a bit manic and rushed getting everything together, (and I’m pretty sure I’ll still have forgotten something!), but I’ve done it! It’s a bit scary, but hopefully will be worth it. So as far as my list of achievements for this year goes, after Sunday, I can quite happily cross ‘exhibiting at a bridal fayre’ off my list. Yes, I have a list. Well, I have multiple lists, I LOVE lists. Anyway….

Other things that weren’t on my list include, photographing stills for the pilot TV show ‘Make it Plumb’, and photographing the comedy horror plays ‘The House That Stank of Death’, which is now part of next month’s Manchester Comedy Festival.

I’ve still got a few more things to cross off my list for this year yet, but I’m afraid of jinxing them if I share what they are! Instead, I’ll take the chickens way out, and just share them as if and when they get crossed off…..

So for now I’m off to make a new list……but if you’re free on Sunday, planning a wedding and still need a wedding photographer please pop along to the Manchester Marriott Airport Hotel and say hello. Look out for a very special show offer…..

….and if you fancy a laugh next month, please head over to Joshua Brooks in Manchester to see ‘The House That Stank of Death’, 29th – 31st Oct. Two new plays have been added, so you now get to giggle and maybe even scream your way through 6 fantastic plays. More news on this shortly……