Upcycle Challenge

October 19th, 2011

“We are looking for teams of wedding industry professionals to get together and create a range of upcycled brides & bridesmaid looks plus a “themed table” with only a few rules….

All items must come from a LOCAL charity shops or 2nd hand stores (within 25 miles of where you live or slightly further afield if there are non in your area) this includes clothes and all accessories and you have to prove you have bought from a charity shop by either having photos of you buying them or a receipt of some sort, the table must include centrepiece or display, table names or numbers plus place cards etc..everything you would expect to see!

There must be at least 2 table settings, tables and chairs can be your own but everything else must be up-cycled”!

These were the rules given by Colette of All Wrapped Up Events back in July, when the ‘Upcycle Challenge’ was launched. I answered Colette’s call on Twitter for a photographer and the rest as they say, is errr…..history!

EmmyLou of Lilybud Cupcakes, made a lovely bride……

…and Colette’s friend Leah made a lovely bridesmaid.

As Colette’s theme was a fusion of Labyrinth (David Bowie), Sweeney Todd (Tim Burton) along with a hint of punk (David Bowie again with Ziggy Stardust), we headed to a local skatepark, as this area was in fitting with Colette’s styling.

EmmyLou supplied some stunning cupcakes…..

Colette was responsible for the make-up…..

I’m pretty sure there’s a rumour she’s going to launch her own make-up brand….’Make-up by Masters’ (or something…..)

I don’t want to forget the details…..

Other teams took part, but the winner hasn’t been decided yet. Although I know Colette is currently sitting with all her fingers and toes crossed….:)

The winner will be announced by Julia of Brides Up North shortly……