Day by Day {days 215 to 221}

October 31st, 2011

It’s been another busy week, but I’ve just about managed to keep on top of my project…..well…..kind of. Some day’s I’ve taken two photo’s to make up for missing a day. But that’s okay….my project… rules!! 😉

Anyway, here are days 215 to 221…..

Day 215: There is an adorable pussy cat that comes into our garden. We call him pouncy kitty! We don’t know where he lives, but he comes in and knocks plants over and hides in the tree’s underneath the bird feeders….waiting…to pounce! Luckily the birds are too fast for him.

Day 216: Pouncy kitty – again! He’s getting braver and friendlier. He comes up to the back door now, but he’s still too quick for me when I try and get his photo. This was taken on my 50mm 1.8. I think I just need to sit and wait with my 70 – 200 so I can try and get his photo without him being so nosey!

Day 217: A fantastic shoot with a brilliant group of people! I posted this as a sneak peek yesterday. It’s also Tuesdays ‘Day by Day’ photo. I love it!

Day 218: The latest edition to things that I ‘need’ to have in my collection of props. I love hearts, I’m always drawn to them….hearts and letters…..signs……Then I convince myself (and Ian), that I have to have them…..

Day 219: Self-portrait – Yikes! I bought a new infrared remote control for my camera a couple of weeks ago, because I’ve decided to have another crack at some self portraiture. When I hate being in front of the camera so much, I don’t know what gave me this ‘great’ idea. Anyway, I somehow ended up saying I would make a birdie tree for Ian’s Mum’s golf club. I’ve been finding it quite therapeutic actually. I studied art at college, so all these years later, it’s finally paying off!

Day 220: Oh pouncy kitty! Why do you taunt me so?! A frequent visitor to the garden, I’m at the point when I’m starting to wonder if he has a home. We may need to get hime scanned if he keeps showing up. I know cat’s hang around if you show them attention etc, but as I’m not sure of his ‘living’ arrangements at the moment, I’ve not been feeding him. He seems pretty well fed though so fingers crossed he has a home and he just wants to be my friend!

Day 221: When I opened the curtains this morning, I could see some pink shining through the blinds. I had a quick peek and then quickly grabbed my camera. What a stunning sky to wake up to!