I love a bit of bokeh!

November 3rd, 2011

As we walked along the prom, lights dancing all around us, and bracing ourselves against the cold, we made our way towards the big wheel. Ian mocked me.

When Ian and I first met, and I gained family and friends in Blackpool, the tourist appeal disappeared, as I quickly realised that most residents steer clear of the prom. But every year, when the Blackpool illuminations start, I turn into a screaming tourist.

Yet the thing that amuses Ian, is the fact that I always head for the one thing that is lit up all year round….

….the big wheel!

“But I need to get it in motion”. I always say. “I want to do more night time photography”.

So Ian got out my tripod and waited in the cold while I set up my shot.

Once I’d had enough, we meandered back along the prom towards the new wedding chapel that’s being built. It’s not quite Vegas, and it’s still under construction, but it looks ‘interesting’.

I love this image…..for me it sums up Blackpool. The tradition of eating fish and chips on the prom!

…..and with all the lights around us, it was the perfect time to get some ‘bokeh’.

I love a bit of bokeh!

As we made our yearly walk back along the prom, there was just one more thing to take a photo of……

That’s right, another attraction that’s also lit up all year round!

See you next year big wheel <waves frantically> 🙂