….here comes Santa Claus!

November 9th, 2011

….is basically what I’ve been singing, ALL DAY.  Skipping in and out of shops getting excited about Christmas. Looking at decorations and getting giddy….and also slightly worried…

In all honesty, I’m a bit of a tree Nazi. Every year I take the lead in decorating the Christmas tree. I always have a colour theme, everything has to match, and every bauble is spaced ‘just so’. Sometimes, I let Ian help. Sometimes. But then it turns into the scene from Friend’s where Monica lets everyone help, see’s the mess they’ve all made, and then turns the tree around to reveal her perfectly decorated side of the Christmas tree….(did I just admit that out loud?)

….but for some reason this year, I’ve been collecting tree decorations that don’t particularly match; there’s no colour theme, and they don’t have anything in common.

I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping either. I hate Christmas ‘crowds’, and I like to have everything sorted by the beginning of November. But this year, I’ve still got gifts to buy and I’m picking out random tree decorations…..my routine has completely gone out of the window! I’m getting slightly worried that when the time comes to decorate the tree, I may actually have a physical break down!

Am I the only one? Anyone else running behind with their Christmas plans this year? ….and more important than that….will I be able to cope with having a mis-matched tree?!