It’s just a camera….right?

November 14th, 2011

As it slipped out of my hands, everything went in slow motion. I could see what was happening, but I couldn’t do anything about it. It bounced a couple of times on the concrete floor and then I managed to grab it. My camera. Ouch. Well, my 50mm 1.4….and then my camera. I always have a filter on every lens, just to be sure; knocks and scrapes are better on a filter than my actual lens! Luckily yesterday, due to the sun, I had just put a polarizing filter on as well. Judging by the damage done to both filters, I think my lens may have been the casualty if I hadn’t.

Many people have told me I have to think of my camera as a ‘tool’. A bit like how a builder has a hammer, I have a camera. I’m pretty sure my heart stopped as the camera bounced, but then came the realisation that much as I love my camera, (maybe a little TOO much if I’m honest)….if the worst had happened, it’s insured….

It just goes to show that accidents can happen. I didn’t even drop it whilst shooting. I dropped it as I was putting back into my bag! It was at an awkward angle and it slipped……

So yes, to some, it’s just a camera…..and yes, it’s the tool I use for my job…..but it’s also the tool I use to express myself… things could have been worse!

By the way, that’s not my hand – they’re Ian’s big man fingers!