Miserable Weather – Fantastic Photoshoot!!

July 28th, 2010

A few days ago I headed over to Blackpool to do a Portfolio shoot with Kelsey Colquhoun, who is currently studying Contemporary dance. Driving up the M6, the weather was awful; grey, rainy and just generally miserable! As the first part of the shoot was going to be outside, I was ready for calling Kelsey and telling her to head straight to the studio instead. But as luck would have it, as I reached the end of the M55, the weather decided to clear up a little….Phew! I continued over to Ashton Gardens in St Annes, armed with an umbrella, just in case the weather decided to be unkind to us – but luckily enough it held out for another hour – which was just enough time to finish the outdoor part of the shoot. We were  lucky really, the gardens were pretty quiet – apart from the group of ducks and pigeons that attacked us (well, more Kelsey really); they seemed disappointed when they realised that we didn’t have food for them!

After the duck and pigeon incident we headed off to finish the shoot with some indoor studio work; this was where the real fun began! This part of the shoot was to catch Kelsey’s dance movements – strong poses along with lots of leaping around catching plenty of “air” shots. It was an amazing day and I got plenty of images that I’m really proud of; here is a sneaky peek at some of  the shots – the rest will be put up once Kelsey has seen all of the photos.

Thanks for a fantastic photoshoot Kelsey!