Feeling liberated…..

December 12th, 2011

Although I’ve been feeling Christmassy for week or so now, as soon as I sat down and realised ‘Elf’ was on TV, that was it! That Christmas feeling kicked in big time!

I climbed into the loft to dig out the tree, yet once downstairs, I turned my back for a second and Ian had already ripped the box open and was happily putting it together!

For years, it was tradition that I put the tree up while Ian was at work; but a couple of years ago I agreed to let him join in….

….only he didn’t do it ‘right’, so when his back was turned I used to re-decorate it….’the correct way’.

This year, I’m not quite sure what happened. Instead of gathering baubles in a certain theme, and colours that complimented each other, I started buying the most random decorations. The more I bought, the more I became concerned that once the tree went up, I would have a mini breakdown as nothing particularly matched….

….but as I took over the tree decorating from Ian (some things never change), I felt strangely liberated….no carefully spacing the blue baubles out and then fitting the silver one’s inbetween…..and no filling in the gaps with the tiny lilac ones (I’d get on so well with Monica)….

…..instead I had a camp Christmas cat staring back at me, surrounded by angels, hearts and some flock reindeer. That’s right people, you heard right….flock reindeer…..

I hope everyone’s feeling Christmassy…..


….and here’s to feeling liberated!