Finding my feet…….

December 16th, 2011

I think it’s safe to say that my ‘Day by Day’ project has definitely taken a back seat over the past few weeks. Sometimes I’ve forgotten and sometimes I’ve not had the chance.

So if I miss a day, sometimes I think I’ll take two the next day…..which really defeats the object of taking a ‘photo a day’. Then the days roll into weeks and I lose motivation to do it….

There is also the inspiration side of things as well. I really do admire photographers who come up with ideas, day after day…..and people like Tracey Barrow who do a self-portrait everyday – I simply have to tip my hat to them (I don’t wear a hat, but if I did, I would)! So for now, I’ve decided if I take a photo, that’s great; if I don’t have time to take one, I may just post up an old photo that either 1) I just like! 2) Inspires me or 3) Has never been posted before. I’ll probably keep numbering them as well…..and even though they won’t be consecutive days, it will still relate to the number of photo’s that have been posted.

I think I put too much pressure on myself sometimes; I think a lot of people in the ‘creative industry’ do…..but as the year draws to a close I’m finally starting to let myself wind down. Well, I say wind down, but what I really mean is, look back over the past year, evaluate everything, and start preparing for next year. …..and although I’ve had a pretty good year, I still feel like I’m finding my feet with a lot of things…and I still feel like there is so much to learn, and many different avenues to explore with my photography and my business.

I feel like I’m starting to get (a bit) more organised…and my ‘to do’ lists are starting to get cleared quicker and I’ve been making time to read as well. I love reading, but I never used to give myself that ‘down time’; I used to convince myself that I didn’t have time or I should always be doing something more important. But I’ve finally allowed myself to accept the fact that reading IS important for me. Whether it’s photography related or not, it’s all of a sudden become an indulgence! The first hour of my day starts with reading. Breakfast, brew and a book, followed by exercise. I then feel ready to start my day….

After reading a post by Promise Tangeman a couple of days ago, I also felt inspired to take a look at how I organise my ‘to do’ list (s). So now I have all my current projects broken down, and I also have my upcoming projects / tasks for the next four months on my wall. Oh yes…thats right people….FOUR whole months. I’m determined to start 2012 super organised. (Funnily enough, I also have those exact same boards – spooky)!

….so for now, I’m off to make another list…..and as for 2012….I’m hoping it’s the year I finally find my feet 🙂