……a pretty good week.

December 17th, 2011

What’s this I hear you cry? A Saturday post?! Oh yes indeedy!!

I thought I’d take a moment to look back over the past week, and some of my favourite things. As weeks go, it started out pretty well, with a number of enquiries. I love weeks that start like that!

Evening shopping with my friend Ste, which meant I also bought some new socks….I get far too excited over things like this! But they were super warm winter socks. Mmmm……toasty! On the days I work at home, I like to be as toasty as possible. Ian, on the other hand may as well put his desk in the back garden, as he has his office super cold. Brrrrr!

Everyone who knows me, know’s I’m really not a baby person. BUT my lovely friend Chrissy Mathew gave birth on Thursday morning and I am super happy for her and husband Pete. I haven’t managed to speak to her yet, but she text Thursday to let me know the news. I’m pretty sure when she’s home and settled, you’ll be able to catch up with her stories of motherhood over on her blog: Our Little Love…..

Ian and I also got his and her’s Christmas slippers this week! (Did I just admit that out loud)? It’s like a tradition, but they don’t always match though (no, really, they don’t)! But they are super warm and toasty…..what with these and my new socks, I may never leave the house again!

Meandering around the Christmas Markets…..I think this is the third time I’ve been to the Manchester Markets this year, but the first time on my own – which was nice. I never buy anything, I just think they look pretty all lit up. After the slipper shopping expedition Ian went off to college to sit his 210p Pro-Tools exam and I went meandering with my camera through the markets…..I’m not a fan of cities and I really hate Manchester City Centre during the day, but under the cover of darkness with all the Christmas shoppers, and the markets all lit up, it felt really Christmassy.

…which brings me to Ian’s exam. He passed first time! Yay! Which, 1) makes me very proud and 2) means Ian is a fully certified HD9 Operator on Pro-Tools software. Which means he can do magical things with sound recordings in post-production. (It’s probably a bit more technical than that, but I’m going to play the girl card here and stick with the word ‘magical’).

….oh and today I picked up my new 35mm lens. I heart it! Image courtesy of my wonderful assistant Ian Roberts!

…the fact that I also got to go to Starbucks (twice!) and then have lunch from Subway this week, also makes me happy! Small things, eh?!

Happy Saturday!