I Hate Manchester…..

July 31st, 2010

Yes….thats right! I hate Manchester. Well, its not JUST Manchester, I hate cities in general. Some people will be surprised by that comment, yet those close to me will not be surprised at all. Manchester is a city that is so diverse, so alive, so dynamic……so how can I hate it? The thing is, I don’t see it like that. I see it as loud, far too busy and grimey; I have nightmares about getting stuck on the M62 and then the M602 and beeping at idiots who annoy me…..Grrrrrr!!!! Give me the countryside any day!

However…..a couple of weeks ago I decided I needed to head into Manchester to find some new locations for shooting in. I headed out with camera in hand and my trusty sidekick (otherwise known as Ste) in tow. I wasn’t very impressed – I had no idea where to start – it was a Saturday, so it was going to get super busy and it was raining! We started off exploring the back streets in the hope that they wouldn’t be too busy, and before I knew it the camera was out! There were so many doors, windows and walls that I had NEVER noticed before – places that I never knew existed and some places that I had passed so many times but never given them a second glance. Before long, it was lunchtime – half the day had gone and I’d not even noticed!! I was in awe – this city that I hated, that I felt so much contempt for was coming alive right before my eyes. I had gone from looking for new locations to just generally exploring the city – being inspired by the whole “grittyness” and seeing everything with new eyes – I was completely in awe of it. There were so many beautiful buildings that I’d never looked at before and then so many derelict buildings just left to rot.

Not only that –  Manchester presented us with a variety of street musicians and erm…..three dudes dressed in lycra suits running around! Where else could I see a guy dressed as a Zebra running through the streets posing with passers by who wanted their photo taken with him?!

I wouldn’t go as far as saying I “love” Manchester, I wouldn’t even say I “like” it. But to be honest, I’ve certainly learned to appreciate it a little bit more and I’ve realised it offers much more than I gave it credit for….