It’s all about me…..

January 7th, 2012

As I looked out across the water, the reflections were still, and the air was silent. It was something I had neglected last year, so this year I knew that some changes had to take place.

It’s easy to forget about what drives us and what inspires us…..

……yesterday I headed overĀ  to Salford Quays with my camera for some ‘Me’ time.

This isn’t the kind of place I would normally find inspiration, but this year I want to try looking at things with fresh eyes.

…..I was lucky that the water was pretty still – so the reflections looked amazing.

There were many other photographers down on the quays, rushing around from place to place, all trying to get their shot.

It seemed such a shame that they didn’t really seem to be soaking up the atmosphere….It was like they had a list of shots they wanted and that was it.

…..I suppose there’s nothing wrong with being prepared, but for me, what made my time there worthwhile, was the fact there was no rush. It was about exploring…..and trying new things.

…then once I’d had enough I headed into The Lowry to meet my friend Ste for lunch.

I’d forgotten how much fun it was just heading out without a big plan – I’m looking forward to my next ‘Me’ day already!

Happy Saturday!