Day 234 {Quest for the perfect chocolate cake}

January 11th, 2012

I’ve never really been a fan of chocolate cake. It’s just something I don’t particularly like. On many occasions though, I have been known to walk into a shop or cafe and stare longingly at the chocolate cakes. Sometimes I even buy one – just to see if I like it, and then Ian stands there with his ‘I told you so’ look on his face, and watches as I throw it away. They always look so succulent and inviting and then end up being dry and bland.

I don’t know why I keep persisting, it’s almost like I feel I’m missing out on something and I’m on a quest for the perfect chocolate cake! On very rare occasions I’ve found a restaurant that does a really nice hot chocolate fudge cake and then I feel quite smug with myself.

The other night, on my second trip to Starbucks in one day ( 🙂 ), Ste ordered some kind of walnut chocolate cake, so of course I had to try some. It was actually ‘okay’…..and I sat there quite smug with myself, like I was no longer missing out on something.