On set for “Reverie”

February 28th, 2012

It was January. It was cold. I’m thinking about -4. Indoors.

I pulled up at the shooting location and looked at it from the car.

Ian had warned me how cold it was, and if Ian thought it was cold – then it was cold! I had multiple layers on. I also had gloves, a hat AND ear muffs, but even though I had been pre-warned, nothing quite prepared me for when I got inside.

I was shooting stills for a short film by PurpleCoat Productions…..”Reverie”

…..during filming the extras braved the cold (hats off to them – seriously)

…..in between scenes, they wrapped up warm. Note to self for next time ——–> #bring blanket

…..there were fight scenes

….and spells being cast

….and people having to ‘compromise’ on their footwear due to the noise when filming (nice slippers Max 😉 ) ….and also some dancing!

Karl ate crisps

…and Dave the sound recordist ate crisps too!

….but there was also lots of work going on

…..and there was a scene with rose petals falling from the sky!

….and also moments of reflection

Cathy filming….

…..and then trying to keep warm!

Dave sound recording…..

Ian operating the boom…..

Leanne checking sound…..

Siobhan being eeeeeeevil……

Tom, going for a ‘take’…..

Reverie is currently going through the post production stages, but when I know more, you’ll be the first to know! 🙂