Weekly round up

March 3rd, 2012

I’ve not been doing so well at my ‘Day by Day’ project for quite some time now. So until I start something else I’ve decided to go back to my weekly round up – which is a bit of a diary of my week, but in images! I’ll also be adding in anything interesting that I’ve stumbled upon along the way……

Those who know me, know that I can’t live with out my Starbucks! ….so this week started well when Ian returned home with a spearmint green tea on Monday afternoon. The boy did good! 😉

I made an impulse purchase in HMV…..’Away We Go’. It’s quite good. There are some really good laugh out loud howling moments in there……..

Selfridges Chamomile tea is also another favourite of mine…..just before bedtime! #I’m getting old

I also finished editing the images of the lovely Aga – see the full shoot in a couple of weeks.

I have a habit of sticking my ‘LR Photo’ stickers on many different things. I’ve even been known to stick them on presents I give to people! …..I also stick them on people…..because I can. It was only a matter of time before Ian started sticking them on my things. At least I won’t get my toothbrush confused with his!

After the Styal Lodge bridal shoot organised by Emmylou of LilyBud Cupcakes, I’m still working my way through the editing. Bear with me a little bit longer guys!

A trip to the Trafford Centre with my friend Ste meant Starbucks number four of the week (is that bad considering it was only Wednesday?!) ……this one gave me brain freeze as well….

My (lack of) cooking skills are a standing joke. In our house the saying goes ‘I start kitchen fires and Ian cooks’. It’s true. My last kitchen fire was about a fortnight ago and I haven’t attempted to cook since. However, on Thursday while not feeling particularly well, I had the craving for something sweet. Ian was out and I was home alone. We very rarely eat chocolate or cakes or biscuits etc so we never keep anything in the house. Ian occasionally whips me up some vegan cookies if the mood takes me. But on Thursday I decided to try and bake them myself. BIG MISTAKE. I can’t even begin to describe what went wrong. I ended up with liquid rather than cookie dough. Not to be beaten, I found a cake tray at the back of the cupboard and poured the mixture in. All I will say, is that when Ian returned home I threw a cookie/cake at him like a frisbie. It hit the floor and bounced. It didn’t break either.

We’ve just planted the first of this years veg. Yay! The spring onions are already starting to sprout…..

….a trip into Manchester with Ian which meant lunch at Earth Cafe. I love it here, good wholesome vegetarian food! ….you can have four options for £6 – bargain!

…..the Manchester trip also meant stumbling upon this random statue dedicated to Vimto!


Other highlights from my week include lusting after the cameras on www.lomography.com

Reading the latest edition of online magazine Dashing

Finding this 10 step guide by David Jay of how to make your photography business work: The System

Meeting up with personal stylist Colette Ali for a spearmint green tea in Starbucks. Please check out her site

…I also launched a special rate on portrait sessions throughout March – please take a look

Happy Saturday !