Operation vegetables…!

March 9th, 2012

Last year, Ian and I decided to try and grow our own fruit and veg and it worked pretty well. Throughout the summer we had a constant supply of strawberries, chillies, spring onions and courgettes. We had a few peppers, but they didn’t do particularly well.

After last years success, we decided to do it again this year, but on a larger scale.

This year, I’ve documented it from the beginning though – so every week I’ll be sharing our progress – ups and probably downs – of trying to grow our own fruit and veg.

A couple of weeks ago, we planted our first batch of spring onions, as well as some rocket lettuce and pak choi. The spring onions started off in the airing cupboard, then progressed to the windowsill during the day, and now they are on the windowsill permanently….

….until we move them to the garden. I think it’s still a bit cold for that though at the moment.

Due to the cold, we also put a grow bag in the kitchen (which is doing quite well)…..

…as it warms up outside, we will also move this into the garden.

At the beginning of the week we ordered a fairly hefty batch of seeds and three planters……

…..and today we went and bought compost, seed trays and plant food.

…..then Ian prepared everything.

I think I got the easy part documenting everything!

…..and Ian would probably agree! 😉

…..newly planted seed tray in the airing cupboard!

Week 2 of the grow bag! …..rocket lettuce, pak choi and some newly planted spring onions.

Week 2 of the spring onions……

Ian is starting to get a bit impatient and wants everything to grow NOW! ….so hopefully things will continue to grow at a steady pace!