Fun in the woods…..

March 19th, 2012

… was a cold February day; Valentines Day to be exact!

….along with the cold, came the mud. I hadn’t really taken into account just how bad it would be.

…but we carried on, and in between shots we covered Janina with a big coat.

I love shooting in the woods – if I could do all my shoots there – I would!

….I’m just a country girl at heart

I loved the contrast of the red blouse against the green woodland.

Sometimes you just have to do a shoot for fun – and despite the cold and mud – that’s exactly what this was.

A bunch of people getting together and creating something….

With thanks to Kerry Baker (MUA), Janina Maibaum (model) and Vanessa Mambu (stylist)…..and also Janina’s boyfriend James for keeping Janina warm between shots!

Happy Monday!