Operation Vegetable {weeks 4 & 5}

April 8th, 2012

Things have been a bit mad lately (not that I’m complaining!), so a bit later then scheduled here are weeks 4 and 5 of Operation Vegetable!

Week 4:

The grow bag in the kitchen seems to have hit a bit of a plateau. The pak choi and spring onions seem to be not much bigger than in week 3, and it looks like the rocket lettuce is actually disappearing!

Outside, the spinach is starting to sprout. I love spinach so this makes me happy!

The onions have also started to make an appearance…..

Last years broccoli is also doing well. I love broccoli, so I can’t wait until this is ready to eat!

….the spring onions on the windowsill are doing quite well, since we moved them to a south facing window

Week 5:

…..what with the nice weather we had the other week, I was hoping things would start to grow a bit quicker – and they did! Yay!

The spinach has started to shoot up quite significantly…

The onions are also still doing pretty well….

The spring onions are also growing quite rapidly….

…..and the courgettes have gone mental!

The broccoli is also ready to eat, and we picked the first batch from the garden! 🙂

Unfortunately the grow bag in the kitchen wasn’t doing very well, so we’ve given up on it! Never mind – we have other pak choi and spring onions growing now so it doesn’t matter too much.

I hope everyone has had a good Easter!

Happy Sunday! 🙂