Operation Vegetable {week 6}

April 18th, 2012

…..Wow – week 6 already. The spinach and the onions are still going strong.

…..the courgettes are doing really well and have now all been re-potted

The broccoli is still doing really well, and we can comfortably eat this on a regular basis now…

The strawberry plants have also started to flower – Ian seems to think they are a bit early – but what with the burst of nice weather we had the other week, I’m not really surprised.

The chilli plants are doing pretty well, and some of those have now been re-potted as well. I LOVE chillies so I’m really looking forward to these growing…..

….more chillies, courgettes and pak choi are on the way

….and the spring onions are continuing to grow from strength to strength

…this isn’t vegetable related, but I’m giddy that my gerbera daisies are also doing really well at the moment! 😉

Happy Wednesday !